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Put on your imagination goggles...

Imagine you are sipping a martini on a beach in Miami and making plans to go on a boat cruise when your phone suddenly vibrates. You check and see a notification that $500 has been deposited into your account while you were having fun.

Better still, imagine you wake up around 2a.m. to use the bathroom and as you head back to bed, you see your phone led indicator turn blue—new message alert! You pick up your phone and click on the message, you just discovered you earned an extra $750 while you were asleep and having sweet dreams.

Too good to be true?

Best believe it is the truth, because those imaginations have been the story of my life over the past 5 years and counting! No, I am not into any shady business. I have been able to increase my net worth by strategically increasing my passive income and my Profitable-Passion Group can help you achieve the same!

What Members Are Saying

  • When I came to Breonna, I honestly didn’t know anything about starting a business. Within one meeting, she helped me understand starting a business and creating passive income three different ways!

    Brandi O Creative Entrepreneur
  • With Breonna's help and group calls, I have been able to strategize a more efficient business plan, reach my target market and ultimately increase profits.

    Ronnie J Author
  • Breonna is on top of building your online business and her experience spans across a range of industries. If you need help with your growing your business, I highly recommend joining her group.

    Jasmine J Author

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Hi! I'm Breonna

I am the founder and creator of the Profitable-passion group—a community of fierce female entrepreneurs and business owners growing their online business and monetizing their skills through education and a balanced community of women empowering women.

I support my dreams (and 2 super cute yorkies) by teaching women how to monetize their skills.

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